Crematory Options

All three of our cremation packages include a cremation process fee. The cremation process and transportation are handled privately between the funeral home and crematory staff. The options below offer additional services which are above and beyond our typical service.

Each option listed below is available upon request. Options shown below would be in addition to the package price. Cremation will take place following final approval from the County Health Department or the Office of the Medical Examiner, and next of kin signatures.

Following day referred to below indicates the day after cremation process, not the day following death.

Family Witness Cremation
Beginning of the Process
(Grand Rapids)  $210

With this option your family will meet at the crematory at a scheduled time. A brief explanation will be given. Your family will be present for the beginning of the process. Cremains returned the following day to the funeral home, Monday through Friday.

Funeral Home Staff Witness Cremation 
Entire Process
(Grand Rapids)  $510

This option will include a funeral home staff member remain on site until the cremation is fully processed. Funeral home staff member returns with the cremains on same day, Monday through Friday.