Our Banquet Facilities

Our excellent yet affordable banquet facility and food combined with our staff's thoughtful and attentive service will help make your funeral event more memorable with a relaxed time of food and sharing memories. Our banquet room fee is $300 plus the cost of food.

We will have everything ready when you and your guests arrive. We will clean it all up when you leave. Let our banquet staff take care of the luncheon..... so you don't have to!

Please Note: If you expect attendance to exceed the capacity of our banquet facility, our staff is available to assist you in securing other accommodations. Banquets held at our facility are based on room availability. All food served through our facility is commercially prepared. Because of this, we can not accept or serve any food item brought in by family or friends during visitations or banquets following the service.


Capacity of 100 people.



Capacity of 75 people

Food Served

Currently we order exclusively from Family Fare. We will provide you with the a menu to select from at our office.